How to increase your real estate leads

  • By IDX Boost
  • November 22, 2017
how to increase my real estate leads

Real Estate Leads for Your Business

A real estate lead is simply a name and a way to contact that person. You must keep that in mind when considering increasing your real estate leads because technology has created even more avenues for contacting potential clients. Some clients may want to share an email address while others may communicate more through text or phone call. By considering all the avenues potential clients can contact you, through your website, social media, and phone, you will find more venues for gathering information and this will turn into more real estate leads.

Don’t forget about social media

social media measure is the better way to get your leads in contact



Real estate leads don’t only come through your website or your voicemail. Anyone following your social media pages is a potential client. Having a consistent online presence through Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram is a great way to showcase your work, present current listings, and increase your real estate leads. Followers that like your pages, make comments, or ask questions, provide the perfect opportunities to make contact, send them to your website, and encourage them to share contact information which will increase your real estate leads.

Maintain consistent communication


real estate agent keeps comunication through emails or social media with his leads


Converting real estate leads into clients takes time because selling properties and listings can’t be done in a weekend. To increase your real estate leads maintain consistent communication. Respond quickly to those emails and voicemail messages because this will start the relationship you’ll need to turn leads into clients. It’s also important to consider every opportunity even if a client seems cool or disinterested. By making contact and following up you may not convert a client right away but you’ll be the first in mind when they are ready to start the buying or selling process.

Make it easy to get in touch with you


real estate website for brokers and agents


In order to increase your real estate leads you have to have several contract opportunities. The most obvious options are your website and your phone number. Prospective clients like a clean and easy way to see what you offer and how you operate and your website is the perfect reference place for a connection. Social media is another area prospective clients may want to connect either through a post you created or a private message and this is another opportunity to connect and start a conversation. Your current clients may refer their friends or family to you which means you should make it easy for your name, email, and website to be passed along either through a business card, flyer, or another physical handout as well as your social media page or website.

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