This powerful IDX trick will make your business take off

  • By IDX Boost
  • November 14, 2017
powerful idx real estate free websites

When we started building real estate websites over 10 years ago, we realized most Realtors were in the dark about online marketing best practices. Today, we’ve helped hundreds of agents and brokers establish an online brand take their businesses to the next level. But with so many real estate marketing companies out there promising to deliver results, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one for your business?

IDX Boost has thought about that a lot, and we finally realized the answer: Give the website for free.

That’s our secret to helping you succeed. Here’s why it works.

With most real estate website companies, they charge an up-front fee, monthly service fees and customization fees every time you want to make changes to your website. A real estate agency is a small business operating oftentimes on slim margins. Whatever marketing budget you do have needs to go toward other, more directly impactful things like direct mailings and online ads. Having to pay thousands of dollars just to hang your sign on the internet doesn’t make good sense.

The market was waiting to be disrupted by a company that could offer real estate agents an alternative that

a) didn’t sacrifice on quality and

b) made sense financially

We’re giving away pro websites for free and charging $69 a month for a suite of amazing services. These include the integrated IDX search system, real-time analytics (watch what your users are looking at on your site), web hosting and marketing automation like email notifications to your customers.

Now you can stop spending all your marketing budget just getting your business online. Now every sale you make from your website is almost pure profit. Now you can rest easy with our fast and personal user support.

The trick is IDX Boost. What are you waiting for?

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